Also known as SuperFizzoly, was the creator of the Weegee fad, Malleo (he was actually created in 2005) , and Fortran. He also is known for creating the infamous Canker Dur Shcil, who was supposed to kill off the Weegee fad, but never did. After people started recoloring his characters and using them without his permission, he became very, very angry, and started to hate the fad he'd created. He made many attempts to kill off Weegee, but all of them failed. He harassed Russmarrs2 for using Weegee in his videos and sent a bunch of people to dislike his videos.


TMB is now a furry, who goes by the username "Sqrlyjack". He makes art of mostly genderbent Bubsys. Freegee actually tried talking to him on DeviantArt, and he came to his Wiki. He still mocks Weegee now and then.

In Weegee's UniverseEdit

TheMarioBrother was one of Weegee's bestest friends. Until one day, he found out that Weegee was more popular than him. He got mad. He took Conker's DNA, and made Canker to kill Weegee and his friends. Canked later got his butt whooped by Weegee. After several failed attempts to get rid of Weegee, he gave up and went crazy. He started drawing pictures and making Fanfictions of genderbent Bubsy. He went under a new name, 'SqrlyJack" He began to worship memes and stayed inside his house, locked up. He made Dat Boi, Ugandan Knuckles, and Big Chungus to destroy Weegee again. But they all failed and were killed by Weegee. He tried to make Weegee less popular, he made the websites, Vine and TikTok, to finally bring an end to Weegee's reign. People laughed at him. Sqrly couldn't take it anymore, he jumped off a cliff. He was reborn as FroggyCompany and went back to 2007.

Life as FroggyCompanyEdit

Froggy didn't remember his previous life. Froggy found a guy named Logan Thirtyacre, and they became best friends. Froggy made a plush channel and helped Logan become popular. Logan became even more popular than Froggy, and he got very angry. He made multiple accounts to attack him by telling him to kill himself. He was later terminated. Froggy started to hate Logan. He made an account called "SML Archive" and reuploaded SML's deleted videos there. In 2014, Froggy found a device that would be able to let him control Logan, it would take 2 years to fully work. By 2016, Froggy was controlling Logan, making him make horrible videos with Jeffy, a mentally retarded puppet whom his fans worship. Froggy realized that he was making a load of money off of the videos. He became very greedy, and took advantage of it. He bought Lamborghinis, Rolex watches, and a crap ton of other stuff. Froggy also runs another account called "FroggyWithFries" and works for Dolan's evil clone, Danger Dolan. Weegee recently realized that Froggy is TMB, and has recently set out with Suicide Mousegee and Dolan to find him.

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