The Frowny Face Organization is a group created for the sole purpose of taking down Weegee and friends. It was founded by Kooper the koopa troopa. It hasn't been active lately, because most of the mem

Their flag

bers have died.


  • Kooper (Founder)
  • Jeffy (dead)
  • Danger Dolan (dead)
  • Couzin Dohlan (also dead)
  • Ugandan Knuckles
  • Dat Boi
  • Gangstergee (dead)
  • Pepe
  • Big Chungus
  • TheMarioBrother (formerly)
  • Canker Dur Shcil (dead)
  • Craig The Graham Cracker (dead)
  • Phaggy (dead too)
  • Venum
  • Jon
  • Nermel
  • Oddie the stupid mutt (dead)
  • Bowsa (dead)
  • Barel (dead)

What they've doneEdit

  1. Taken over Weegeepedia
  2. Attacked this Wiki
  3. Forgot to take their medicine :)
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