Note: If you break a rule that's in bold, you'll get a pre-warning and if it's in italics then it's in Regular Rules, Chat Rules, Forum Rules, Bureaucrat Rules, Admin Rules, Chat Moderator Rules, Rollback Rules, and Moderator Rules.
  • No spamming
  • No vandalism
  • No insulting the Suicide Mousegee fad
  • No trolling
  • No harassing other users (If someone is harassing you, leave a message on one of a Bureaucrat's, Admin's, or Chat Moderator's talk page and they'll help)
  • No annoying other users
  • No being racist 
  • No renaming articles or threads without permission
  • No adding My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Greenytoons, Go! Animate, Dora The Explorer, Justin Beiber, One Direction, Scratch (Programming), PewDiePie, or Falcon Lover content (ex: photos, videos, pages, threads, references, quotes, etc.)
  • No saying retarded stuff like "(Insert name here) CALLED ME AH (Insert insult here", "YOUR GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED FOR (Insert number here) YEARS!!11!", "thats rude i am going to report", "dont swear", or anything like that
  • No shoving your opinion in other user's faces (especially about SuperMarioLogan)
  • No acting like a grammar nazi
  • No acting like this place is Scratch or Daycare
  • No insulting the Veedee fad
  • No insulting the Jareegee fad
  • No insulting Squidward's Suicidegee
  • No insulting the Weegee Meme
  • No insulting the Dolan Meme
  • Don't whine and play it cool
  • Don't insult the founder or admins
  • No treating users like kids that aren't and don't wanna be
  • No being a Grammarfag
  • No using single words in sentences where you aren't suppose to use singles on purpose (ex: watch these video, respect opinion, etc.)
  • No acting like a crappy cgi movie character (It drives users insane)
  • No adding cringeworthy drawings (inflation fetishes or any fetish of any kind)
  • Respect others opinions
  • No telling others that you love them (cuz its gay and weird)
  • NEVER EVER ASSOCIATE THIS WIKI WITH ANY SHIT WIKI (ex: Weegeepedia, Greeny Phatom Wiki, etc.)
  • Absolutely no Protein Man content allowed (unless if it's hate against him),  anybody who posts this type of content will be banned for 2 years or more
  • No taking over this Wiki, because it's my Wiki, it's been my Wiki ever since I created it, it's never been anyone else's wiki (except for one time when I let Jareck and Russ own the Wiki along with me before I was the only owner again), and it's always gonna be my Wiki, you can go kys if you think you can just take it

Chat Rules

Banned unfairly? Go here
  • No trolling
  • No harassing other users (unless if you are harassing a troll or you're using a prank account)
  • No insulting the Suicide Mousegee fad
  • No linking to porn
  • No linking to a website that has a virus
  • Don't say nigger, nigga is fine

Rollback Rules

  • No reverting edits for no reasons
  • No reverting edits back to a spammer or vandiliser's revision

Moderator Rules

  • No removing a reply or thread for no reason
  • No highlighting or unhighlighting threads for no reason
  • No closing a thread for no reason
  • No deleting a thread for no reason

Chat Moderator Rules

  • No kicking users from chat for no reason
  • No banning users from chat for no reason

Admin Rules

  • No banning users for no reason
  • No deleting photos for no reason
  • No restoring bad photos
  • No deleting articles
  • No unblocking spammers, vandilisers, or trolls
  • No making users a Chat Moderator for no reason
  • No making users a Moderator for no reason
  • No deleting forums
  • No editing messages for no reason
  • No removing replies or threads for no reason
  • No highlighting or unhighlighting threads for no reason

Bureaucrat Rules

  • No making users Rollbacks, Moderators, Chat Moderators, Admins, or Bureaucrats for no reason
  • No taking user's away for no reason

Forums Rules

  • No renaming forums
  • No spamming
  • No vandilsing
  • No trolling
  • No harassing other users

Classic Forums Rules

Rules can be found here:

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