Suicide Mousegeepedia

Really Happy mouse is based on the creepypasta Suicidemouse.avi and is the sequel to Suicidemouse.exe and Happymouse.exe. This game is almost similar to the previous Happy Mouse game, however the creator, Enclave G, said that this game is slightly easier and also added with more jumpscares.

Here is a list of new stuff in this game:

If you press any key during the Disney soft logo or Mickey's face when he dies, the Disney soft logo will turn into "Hell Soft", with faint breathing in the background, as for Mickey face, there will be two red dots in his eyes, followed by him smiling wider, before flashes of Mickey appear on the screen with distorted screaming in the background.

The start screen is at first similar to the first game, but after you play a game or the original jumpscare where you stay in the screen for too long appears, the screen will change to a close up of Mickey with red eyes, with the bloody word "REALLY" in "Happy Mouse". There are also bloody words "KEEP MICKEY HAPPY" at the bottom, alongside the music "Cryptopia" from the end of Sonic.exe, faint screaming from the Suicide Mouse footages, and sounds from Username 666.

Mickey now has a pose when he jumps.

Some platforms that disappear upon contact now remain stationary, also coming into contact into Goofy will not lower your sanity. When Mickey's sanity is below 80, subliminal messages will appear: "KILL YOURSELF" "YOUR LIFE HAS NO MEANING" "GIVE UP" "YOU ARE WORTHLESS".

When Mickey's sanity is below 50, subliminal messages will stop appear and hidden secret messages will appear. Once his sanity goes below 20, there will be a blood rain and Mickey will have blood on his ears and body. Skulls can also be seen, also, will appears 3 youtubers looking as dead bodies. Also, will start to pop-up creepy images.