Happy Mouse is a game based on the creepypasta Suicidemouse.avi and is a sequel to Suicidemouse.exe. It has a sanity meter to indicate how Mickey feels like. The goal of this game is to control Mickey Mouse through a maze leading to Mickey House, avoiding obstacles that lower his sanity.

Happy Mouse starts with the Disney Soft logo, followed by the start screen (shown in the picture). If you stay too long in the start screen (for about 30 seconds), a Mickey Mouse screamer appears.

The game starts with jolly music. There are buildings in the background (similar to the Suicidemouse.avi video, except in a happier environment) and also clouds that look happy. You are in control of Mickey, who looks happy at the beginning. This is when his sanity is 80-100.

However, as his sanity drops to between 50-79, the music changes from happy to the music from the start of the original Suicidemouse.avi video. The building look in poor condition and Mickey will start to look sad.

When his sanity reaches 40-49, there is no more music and there is only the sound of static. Mickey also starts to smile and bear his teeth.

By the time his sanity is between 0-39, the background has changed completely from buildings to a creepy background of eyes with a mouth, accompanied with the sound of a man moaning in pain (taken from the original Suicidmouse.avi video). By this point, Mickey's face will get mangled up, and when his sanity reaches 19 and below there will be blood on him.

There are 4 different endings to the game. One is when Mickey fails to get to Mickey House before he loses all his sanity, where there will be a picture of Mickey smiling with Russian words aty the bottom, with the music being the broken music box (similar to the original creepypasta). The other 3 are when he reaches there, depending on how much sanity he has.

If he reaches there with sanity 1-19, you will get a "Smile" ending, where there is a scary background with a bloody Mickey smiling in an evil manner, baring sharp fangs, and there is also mass screaming, laughing and crying in the background.

If he reaches there with sanity 20-79, there will be a grey background, with Mickey having the dismal look, similar to the start of the original creepypasta video. There are words spelling out "Something is wrong little Mickey?"

If he reaches there with sanity 80-99, there will be the same grey background with a happy Mickey with his friends, with words "Congrats! You made it safely!! Oh boy!!!"


Title screen


Mickey mouse happy


Mickey mouse sad


Mickey's face after he dies

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