• Slenderos

    Suicide Sprujeegee

    November 12, 2015 by Slenderos

     this is my new version of suicide Sprujeegee ;)

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  • Felix Pls1

    Welcome to teh wiki

    March 28, 2015 by Felix Pls1

    Hi, I'm Felix, the owner of this Wiki, I post many things here, including Weegee and Dolan. Don't post any drama here, I'm sick of seeing it all over Facebook, and I don't want it coming here. Accept other's opinions and don't call them wrong because they have a different opinion than you (kids these days) This Wiki is about old memes, so shut up. And no talking like a gangster, it's considered stupid and uncultured. Act serious, unlike the users over at Weegeepedia. If you see any of this, report it to an admin like me or Russmarrs2.



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